multiple boards in lab enviroment - found new hardware back

We followed the instructions here to enable different uno and mega boards to be used on different machines in class without found new hardware coming up each time a different board got plugged into a different computer.

Have put off getting any rev3 boards as long as possible as I suspected the change of chip would mean doing it all again - it looks like it does - found new hardware is back.

Is there a shorter route to doing it to 20 machines than the one described here ?

Is there any kind of installer that can be made to do this automatically - for a thing aimed at beginners hand editing the registry to use it in a classroom easily seems counterintuitive

I have a attached a Windows Registry script that you can run on your machines to automate the process of adding these registry keys.
I have added registry keys for all the hardware IDs identified in the 1.0 version of the IDE. As new Arduino products get added, you will need to update the script with the additional hardware IDs.

To execute the script, just double-click the IgnoreHwSerNum.reg file and it will prompt you with a “Are you sure?” type dialog. Select OK and it will edit your registry with the following keys.

I hope this helps you out.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


IgnoreHwSerNum.reg (804 Bytes)

thanks - will try it when I'm in the lab.