Multiple button push.

Hello, I am working on a project which is based off the cyclone arcade game and I have to write code for “multiple button push”. I am a complete newbie to arduino code so if someone could write a detailed guide for me I would be very thankful. Thank you.

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When you have sketch or hardware problems with your Arduino project, we can help.

Always show a good image of your wiring and a good schematic.

Show us your current sketch and identify what is not working.

Follow forum guidelines for asking questions.


Here* is a detailed guide.

* sorry, couldn’t resist. The “How to use this forum - please read” thread warns noobs that someone will do this.

and I have to write code for "multiple button push".

Before you (or anyone) can write code there has to be a very detailed description of what is required.

I don't know whether you have that description but you have certainly not shared it with us.