Multiple buzzers one pin no shift register

I am trying to make an extremely annoying alarm clock and as a result, I would like the noise to be as much as possible so I want to achieve this by using several buzzers. However, I am extremely low on available GPIO pins due to all the other components in the project, therefore I was wondering if it is possible to run multiple buzzers (perhaps in parallel) with the signal from one pin, since they will be making the same sound?
I would ideally not like to use shift registering as I am saving this for other components to implement as well.
If there is another way to make my sound louder I am open to suggestion as well.

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As long as you don't exceed the maximum current of an IO pin (20 mA), you can hook up as many as you want.

If it exceeds that, you will need a buffer, e.g. a fet or transistor.

If you want use a MOSFET as the output device. Select a n-Channel Logic Level Avalanche protected device. Source to ground, gate to arduino pin and the drain to the buzzer - and the buzzer + to the buzzer power supply, Be sure to connect all grounds. This response is to help you get started in solving your problem, not solve it for you.
Good Luck & Have Fun!

There are WAY louder sound devices out here than buzzers... such as alarm bells.