multiple computers sharing a single arduino

is it possible to connect a single arduino to multiple computers? need to send the information of only three sensors to three different computers... can i do it with only one arduino? or do i need three??

hacking the usb cable..?


You could use SoftwareSerial to send the data via 3 sets of Rx/Tx lines or an Arduino Mega which has more than one hardware UART.


You can't do it by hacking the USB cable. USB has a strict master/slave setup, and there can only be one master (you can't share peripherals like USB memory sticks or USB scanners thay way, either).

You may be able to do something with the serial idea mentioned above. You'll need three PCs with serial ports (COM1:) or three USB-to-serial adaptors, as well as three MAX232 level shifters.

Are the computers networked How far are they from the Arduino How far are they from each other

You could use wireless serial communications to transmit data to all the computers.

Such as: