Multiple definition error when trying to use Timer1 and Rainbowduino

When I have the following in a sketch,

#include <Rainbowduino.h>
#include <TimerOne.h>

I get this error,

TimerOne/TimerOne.cpp.o: In function __vector_13': /Applications/ multiple definition of __vector_13’
Rainbowduino/Rainbowduino.cpp.o:/Users/thomasmacpherson-pope/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Rainbowduino/Rainbowduino.cpp:369: first defined here

Anyway to fix this?

Anyway to fix this?

Yes, don't use the TimerOne and Rainbowduino libraries in the same sketch. Both use timer1 for their duties but the hardware is available only once.

Is there a timer2 library, and is it not used by the rainbowduino? Or another way to use timer interrupts in conjunction with the Rainbowduino?

Maybe you could use the timer interrupt of Rainbowduino?

There is a MSTimer2 library:

but you don't tell us what you need it for, so you cannot expect more information.