Multiple devices on SPI

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I have searched the forum topics for an answer however the search always jumps to google and I've not yet found an answer to my problem:

How can I run multiple devices on the UNO I2C connections?
I.E. Tiny RTC module an I2C module for led display 1602 and an Ethernet Shield ... and possibly others as my project expands (they always do).

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So what which communication protocol you want to use, SPI or I2C. Your title says SPI, however your post is referring to I2C.

For SPI you toggle the slave select pin low to select a device (see image below). The rest of the SPI pins are connected parallel to all the slaves.

For I2C all the slaves are connected parallel on the communication bus (see the image below). The communication to a particular slave is done by an addressing scheme, this allows the master (arduino uno) to select a which device it’s talking to.

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Perhaps I was a tad confused although you hit the nail on the preverbial and have answered my question beautifully.

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