multiple EEPROMs for multiple program storage?

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can I connect multiple EEPROMs to an atmega328(or any other chip really) to store multiple programs?

Say I have an atmega328 connected to three external EEPROMs and three buttons. Can I make it so that the atmega328 loads a program from EEPROM 1 when button 1 is pressed?


Absolutely you have to select only one, depending on your EEPROM memory and how it is connected determines how to select each separately.
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What do you mean exactly by "load program from EEPROM". Reprogramming 328's flash or running it from EEPROM.
Case 1. Yes, it is possible.
Case 2. It is possible but not directly just like some kind of interpret, because the MCU can take an instruction only from flash. In this case prepare for really slow responses.

Your program (say: to blink L for 5 times at 2 sec interval) is in the external EEPROM. You can read it and then you have to store it in the flash (code memory: 0x0000 - 0x3FFF) starting from a known address and then you have to make a jump to that address to execute your program. You can do all these in an 8051 architecture and not in ATmega328P architecture. Why -- long explanation and too technical?