Multiple error messages with Uno board and camera shield

I bought a radio shack camera shield and a Uno board. After thinking this would be a simple project for my son and I, I have quickly realized this to be not true. I have read everything that I can find and found out that I needed to import libraries. After doing this, I have encountered new error messages. This is my first time trying to play with these and now im completely lost. Any would be awesome. Below are all of the error codes I received:

In file included from camera.ino:7: C:\Users\lee\Documents\Arduino\libraries\SdFat/PreVer100Pins.h:60: error: redefinition of 'const uint8_t SS' C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\variants\standard/pins_arduino.h:40: error: 'const uint8_t SS' previously defined here C:\Users\lee\Documents\Arduino\libraries\SdFat/PreVer100Pins.h:61: error: redefinition of 'const uint8_t MOSI' C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\variants\standard/pins_arduino.h:41: error: 'const uint8_t MOSI' previously defined here C:\Users\lee\Documents\Arduino\libraries\SdFat/PreVer100Pins.h:62: error: redefinition of 'const uint8_t MISO' C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\variants\standard/pins_arduino.h:42: error: 'const uint8_t MISO' previously defined here C:\Users\lee\Documents\Arduino\libraries\SdFat/PreVer100Pins.h:63: error: redefinition of 'const uint8_t SCK' C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\variants\standard/pins_arduino.h:43: error: 'const uint8_t SCK' previously defined here

Any help........any at all?

Hey another question too.... where do I find a UART interface? I searched my computer but can not find it anywhere.

UART is the hardware for the serial interface. It is the RX and TX on pins 0 and one of the Uno. You upload sketches through the serial interface. You can set up a software serial interface to talk to the camera board and use the hardware serial to communicate with Serial monitor. As far as the errors, I don't know. But the troubles seem to stem from the sdfat library.

First, errors in what code?

Read this before posting a programming question

Second, I think that the SS pin was previously not defined (so some libraries defined it) and then it was added into the core, so that now you have a duplicate definition. Without any more details from you, this is just guesswork though.

Any help........any at all?

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I apologize for the hasty bump in the thread. I was very upset last night about this camera not working. I bought this not knowing i would have to program a board. I have never programmed a board before and i did read the sticky at the top. Like i said, i have no understanding of what sketches and libraries are. I really just want to figure out how to use this camera. Last night after posting, i dont know what i did but the sketch was verified and uploaded with no errors. I dont know where it was uploaded to but nonetheless it was uploaded. The UART interface, i still have no idea how to use it. The instructions tell me to use the UART interface to take pictures with the camera. How do i do that? Do i push a pin? Pull it? i have no idea. All of the leads are plugged into the proper connectors. And i do get power from the board to the camera. If this is the wrong place for me to ask these questions please tell me where to move it. As stated before, i just want this camera thing to work and i want to understand how to make it work. I do not know where else to go or who else to ask.

groundfungus: UART is the hardware for the serial interface. It is the RX and TX on pins 0 and one of the Uno. You upload sketches through the serial interface. You can set up a software serial interface to talk to the camera board and use the hardware serial to communicate with Serial monitor.


You use the built-in library called Serial.

In setup(), you use Serial.begin(9600); (or any other baud rate you like).

In loop() you can use the various Serial functions, like Serial.available() or Serial.print(), etc. See the Reference section (link from Reference in the green nav bar above.

It's also worthwhile reading a tutorial on using Serial, to avoid some f the pitfalls that beginners seem to fall into a lot. See Nick Gammon's tutorial at

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I feel your pain! After 2 weeks of frustration, the camera finally works and with a few lines of modified code it takes multiple pictures, CCC001.JPG, CCC002.JPG, CCC03.JPG etc. and won’t overwrite any old files, starting at the next available file number.
The camera has built-in motion detection.

My components are: UNO board, Radio Shack Camera Shield Version 4, SD card and the Radio Shack camera.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries

#include <Sd2Card.h> // ***** SD card driver from or SD card shield supplier *****
#include <SdFat.h> // ***** FAT file system from or SD card shield supplier *****

the SD Chip Select line of code should read:

const uint8_t SdChipSelect = 4;

not SS as in the camera.ino. The Ethernet shield choice works fine.

Modify the capture procedure to read :

void capture_photo(){
char myFileName[16];
int myFileNr=1;

// create a new file each and every time
while (myFileNr != 0) {
sprintf(myFileName, “CCC%03d.jpg”, myFileNr);
if (sd.exists(myFileName) == false) break;

// open a new empty file for write at end like the Native SD library
if (!, O_RDWR | O_CREAT | O_AT_END)) {
sd.errorHalt(“opening ???.jpg for write failed”);

// close the file:
Everything below the above line stays the same.

BEFORE uploading, the sketch, disconnect the TXD and RXD wires from the camera shield.
AFTER uploading, reconnect the TXD and RXD wires, connect the power, press the reset button and
get in front of the camera!

Good Luck!