Multiple ESC to arduino uno

I'm relatively new to arduino but am working on a project with my friends. We have four T100 thrusters that we want to control from our computer. Are you able to connect multiple ESC's to an arduino uno? If so, how? I'm assuming it involves using a breadboard or a shield.

It is simply to connect the three "servo-wires" to the arduino (GND, 5V and PWM-signa for the 'basic ESC'l)
There is a servo-library ready for you. (to control a number of them)

You simply create an instance of the Servo library for each ESC - you can use any pin and
are limited to a maximum of 12 channels on the Uno, 48 on the Mega.

The Servo library uses timer1 on the Uno, so pins 9 and 10 are unavailable for analogWrite().

The Servo library won't work alongside another library that uses timer1 or course.