Multiple ESP32 to 1 dashboard

Hi , IoT
I have multiple esp32 modules with BM180 temp sensors.
Individually they all work..
Is there a way to have them all display on one dashboard.

I have an idea for another project it would be handy to be able to swap data from one esp32 to the other esp32 and monitor the goings on in a dashboard.

Am I missing something ? or is it one device per Thing/Dashboard .. isolated.

I have 12 ESP32's all taking to each other using MQTT, a RPi, and a Python program. I interface with the ESP32's through my website.

There are other ways and methods of connecting ESP32's together. Perhaps ESP-NOW might be of interest to you?

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Hi Idahowalker,
Thanks for your help with my UDP Problem the other night ..

I looked at ESP-NOW but the range wont work across our factory, so it needs to connect to the routers... I'm a bit of a noobe and don't know any python. I have looked at MQTT and woosh over my head. lol

I just wondered if the Arduino IoT could do it.
If they would allow multiple devices it would open up a huge area for easy connectivity..

After saying that, maybe I should have a look at using my web server at home to be the intermediate, i have iis installed on my windows10, although I don't write HTML or any code I just use packages like serif webplus. so I might run into issues that way too.. lol

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You are welcome.

You might look deeper into Arduino IoT.

You can run your own MQTT server, even on a PC.

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I have just googled MQTT...found Mosquitto, I will watch some more videos see if I can get my head round it..



Sure you can use a single dashboard for many devices. A dashboard can contain as many widgets as you want, and each widget can be linked to any device/variable you have in IoT Cloud.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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