Multiple esp8266 communication

Hello, i am prety new with wifi comunication. I am trying to generate a network with esp8266 and connect multiple of them to that network. I was able to create the network when i turn on the first one. My issue is how to communicate between each other. I was thinking on a tcp/ip communication but i was not able to find any information. Also to that network i want to connect a cellpohone that is going to coordinate the functionality of my project. Can anyone help me in how to do that.


Your question is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY too vague to really get any help. There are TONS of tutorials and examples all over the internet that show how to connect ESP8266 chips and how to communicate between them and even between them and phones. If you need general guidance then hit up old professor Google and look at some of them. There's no need to have all of that rewritten here just special for you. And it really isn't clear enough what you want to know to try.

If you have some specific questions about some specific project or part of your project then ask away. But if you just want general advise on how an ESP8266 works then that's already out there.

Hello Sebash1992,

I recently bought 2 ESP8266 boards with 128 x 32 OLED displays on board. The first thing I tried was the NTP clock example, which teaches you how to use UDP communication. Then I used UDP to send data between the 2 ESP8266s, which worked reasonably well and gave me some idea of the error rate you can expect using UDP. I've not found anything for TCP/IP that provides similar functionality.

I suggest you do as I did and start with the NTP clock, look how it sends and receives UDP data then adapt that to what you are doing. You should be able to send UDP data between any number of ESP8266s with that.

You will need static IP addresses. I have a router that allows me to attach a specific MAC address to a specific IP address, so I can allocate them that way.