Multiple flashing led groups program

Hi everyone,

Looking for some guidance. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to programming but have been told that an Arduino would be the best way to do what I'm aiming for.

I am looking at trying to use an Uno to control 4 groups of LEDs, 3 of which I want to flash at different rates and 1 to stay on constantly. Each group has got 6 LEDs which are wired up in parallel.

Basically it is for orange lights on an lorry and a wide load escort van. It is using 0406 SMD LEDs as they are going in to some 1:148 vehicles.

I have been playing with my uno that I bought with a 4 normal 3mm LEDs and all other bits. I seem to have gotten myself well and truly confused. I have found some programmes online but I think they have just added to my confusion.

I have got to work out a program. I know that it is possible to do it as I have seen videos showing it but no matter how much research and reading I do it it doesn't seem to be working for me.

Any help you can offer to make it slightly easier for me would be a big help. I am hoping that with some of your knowledge and guidance, I can get a grip on what I'm trying to do.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Alistair. I would be willing to help, but don't want to waste my and your time if your leds or your arduino are about to go "pop". So please post a schematic showing how its all going to be wired up. Also post whatever code you have had the most success with. Use code tags!