Multiple FSR's = multiple fixed resistors?

Hi all,

I'm just starting to play with some long 24" FSR's with an Arduino. The tutorials I have read so far show that there is a 10k fixed resistor as a voltage divider. The tutorials only show this for one FSR, though.

Let's say I have 12 FSR's. In this case, I'd be using the 24" long FSR's in a diagonally staggered arrangement as step sensors connected to one analog input since any sensed step would all trigger the same effect.

Would I need multiple resistors (1 for each FSR) or just one 10k resistor at the top of the row of FSR's with wire connecting each one to each other?

I might be making this more difficult than it needs to be.

I have not put things together as I am unsure of if I will need multiple resistors. I want them all to be connected to the same analog input so any of the 12 FSR's will trigger the same effect.

Using this diagram, I'm just curious if I would only need the 10k resistor where it is and daisy chain the remaining 11 resistors off of that.

To answer the question, though, it would be serial (daisy chained).