Multiple function WS2812b LED rear car lights

Hello people!

I’m a complete nooby here starting from the ground up. I have general knowledge on electrics but please assume I know less than you!

I run a car body shop & have a large hand in custom one-off work. My current project is my own company vehicle & I have a cool idea on addressable LED rear tail lights.

So, my first question is, can an one Arduino Uno run multiple tasks? This is what I need using addressable LED’s:

  • 2x Side lights strips switch on per tail light, 4 in total (these to animate once & stay on until switched off)
  • Same strip to use as brake light ( or might use a separate Piranha LED block, insure yet)
  • 3rd inner strip to use as sequential indicator
  • On same indicator strip, first 5 LED’s for reverse

I have various components arriving this week; Arduino uno, breadboard kit, I have capacitors and N channel mosfets. Im sorry if I do come aross as a novice, but that’s me! I’ll jump into the unknown & have a go!

Any pointers, guidance will be appreciated, thanks