Multiple Functions at Once - Wifi & RFID

I created a device using a Mega R3, Wifly shield, and NFC/RFID shield. The Mega stores all the RFID values that are scanned. The Wifly is setup as a webserver, and when the client (iphone and such) connects to the Wifly and accesses the web address, all the RFID values are displayed on the webpage.

This all works great. The problem is the Wifly takes 3-4 seconds to send the web page data to the client. So whenever a client requests the data, then a card is scanned before wifly is finished sending the web page, the RFID card is not detected and value is not stored.

Is it possible for the RFID sheild to still work and identify a card while the Wifly is serving a web page? Can this be done on a Mega? Or another Arduino device?

Is it a limitation of the device or my programming skills? :slight_smile: Any suggestions on what I can do as I don't want to miss scanning cards.

It's hard to tell if there is an easy fix without seeing your sketch. I suspect there is a way to look for RFID input between lines of HTML output. It might even be easy.

Could you add a (PIR) sensor that detects if someone (something) is about to use the RFID.