Multiple gas sensors

hello, I'm fairly new to arduino and was going to start a project where I have 4-5 different mq series gas sensors connected to an arduino board to gather data but can only find in the tutorials where they only connect a single gas sensor, so I guess I was asking is it possible to connect more than one sensor and how I would go about connecting more? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

p.s. the sensors i was planning on using were for testing co, co2, methane, and sulfides. if that helps

Output from such sensors appears to be a variable resistance, so you can attach one to each analog pin your arduino has & read it with a voltage divider.

Yeah... It should work like an [u]LDR[/u] (Light Dependent Resistor). You may have to adjust the fixed-resistor value.

The Arduino has 6 analog input pins, so you can read 6 sensors.

You'll need to understand the code so you can modify it to read multiple sensors and then do whatever you want to do with the "readings".

I found the datasheet for the [u]MQ-2[/u] but it's VERY poorly translated into English.