Multiple GSM module with arduino

Hi there! I'm thinking on an idea of sending multiple messages written on my PC (maybe connecting arduino with PHP based website that I would make locally ) and send it using an arduino and multiple GSM modules (connected with arduino) to different numbers at once. I want to know that what should be my approach to connect more than one (maybe 10-15) GSM modules to achieve my goal? thank you guys in advance Ahsan Raza

Any help will be much appreciated.

Why multiple modules? Usually you can call a lot of different numbers from one phone. :O

Thank you for your response. Well its just because I can't compromise on late delivery of a text. I want to improve the efficiency by sending a text message to multiple numbers and some script will streaming those messages to arduino one by one. I can compromise on cost of project but not on the late delivery of a text by keeping a message in que.

Multiple GSM modules would all connect and work the same. Usually a GSM modem is just a serial connection so I would use an Arduino with multiple hardware serial lines like the mega or teensy. Then you hook each GSM modem to a serial port and use one of the GSM libraries. It should not be a problem to do something like this.

I would consider connecting the 10-15 GSM modules via USB serial to the PC. Write in python or your favorite language to open the COM ports and send SMS in parallel. I am not sure why an Arduino is needed. If the GSM modules cannot be connected to the PC, connect them to a Raspberry Pi or similar small Linux computer.