Multiple HC-05 to one computer

Hello everyone !

I have a DHT22 (temperature and humidity) sensor and a HC-05 bluetooth module connected with an Arduino Uno. With the HC-05 I'm planning to send the data of the sensor to the computer. After that I'm planning to do a Human Machine Interface on Labview to show the data of the sensor.
I want to have multiple [sensor+Arduino+HC-05] sending data to a computer. I will use a USB dongle for that but I don't know if it's possible to acquire the data of numerous HC-05 simultaneously.

Thanks !

Arduino could collect data from various sensors then combine data into a serial stream to HC-05 (master) . The computer may connect to BT using internal BT or another HC-05 (slave) connected to a TTL USB adapter.

What you want is not entirely clear but, if you want to send data from multiple Arduinos to a PC, you would better off with a single Bluetooth data stream from a single Arduino, as mentioned above. That Arduino would be part of an NRF24 network and may also have one of the sensors.

There is no need for Arduino’s Bluetooth to be configured as a master, unless you want it to auto-connect.

NRFs are about the same price as HC-05 and have similar performance.

I am working on a few projects that need the same thing. To chain the arduinos together I am planning on Arduino1 HC05 to Arduino2 HC05 or HC06... Arduino2 WiFi to Arduino3 WiFi... Arduino3 HC05 to Arduino4 HC05 or HC06... Arduino4 Wifi to Arduino5 WiFi. I can then make the 5th Arduino an IoT that receives data from the other 4.

I am sure there is a simpler way. The bluetooth message board from low energy bluetooth devices should post and be read by a master bluetooth (I think?). And each HC05 or HC06 could post its identifier and then data. For example, with temperature put the identifier and then the data and parse it out. 174, 275, 374. for 3 seperate temperatures on each arduino.

Again, I am sure there are better ways to do this. If anyone could enlighten this post please do.

I am sure there is a simpler way.

I'm sure you are absolutely right about that. Since you already have WiFi in some pointless daisy chain, you might as well make the whole thing WiFi, and thereby perhaps save yourself some money. It is also likely to be simpler.