Multiple i2c Bus

Hi, I'm using the wire.h library on a motorfish board (pic32 based board, but with all arduino library).
This board has 2 i2c buses, one called Wire and the other one called Wire0.
I would like to use Wire in slave mode, and wire0 in master mode (wire is used to receive commands from another board, and Wire0 for working with sensors).
I have tried all that came to my mind, but I can't get them work together.
Digging down the wire.h library i discovered that when a master is created the library clears the existing i2c interrupts with this command in DTWI.cpp
'''598 pregIec->clr = bitB | (bitB << shiftSlave) | (bitB << shiftMaster); '''
Maybe i should instantiate Wire0 before Wire?

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