Multiple I2C Sensors


I'm just scoping out an Arduino based sensing project. A number of my sensors will require I2C (FDC1004 CAPACITANCE SENSOR, MPU-6050 3-AXIS ACCELEROMETER AND 3-AXIS GYROSCOPE, MAX30100 Arduino Module).

Will I be able to read all of these at the same time? How many pins will these take up - 6 or three plus a common (4)? I plan on using a Nano and have a few analogue sensors too.

Thanks a lot,

All these three sensors are standard I2C bus devices. You can connect/operate them in parallel with the I2C BUS of NANO. Be sure that the I2C addresses of these devices are different and there is appropriate pull-up resistors on the I2C Bus. You will not be able to connect any analog signals with A4 and A5 as these two lines form the I2C Bus.

i2C tutorial.