Multiple ID tag scanner

Hello there!

I'm new to this forum and kind of new to Arduino to. I'm wondering if you guys could help me with a project I'm doing in my school.
I'm in engineering and I want to make this for my final project. The project sounds like this.
I need multiple tags, like over 50 with different ID's. I need to be able to scan them with some device, not sure what (laser,barcode,whatdoyouthink?) and then a website pops up on the ipad showing information about that single tag, that off course i will be able to edit.

To put it in a simple way. I'm thinking this for lamppost (not sure if that's the right word :slight_smile: ? english not my native language). I will put tags on them and I need to scan them and see the information for that single lamppost on my ipad. Then I'll scan the next lamppost and see different information for that single lamppost. I don't need help with the coding on the website, I'm pretty sure I can do that. But can I somehow use arduino in this project ? If so, what kind of tags can I use and what device would I use to scan them. Where should I start my journey in this project of mine ?

Hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say :slight_smile:

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Sure you can get the Arduino into your project if thats a requirement, somehow. But the iPad has a camera and you can scan your tags (p.e. QRCodes) with the camera, get the information out of it and display some web pages. In my opinion not really a task for the Arduino.
If it must be an Arduino you can use RFID tags instead of the simple bar codes, attach an RFID reader to the Arduino and some LCD display. But what do you need the iPad for then?