Multiple Inheritance

Hello Y'all,

I'm just getting started with Arduino programming (less than two weeks) so I definately qualify as freshmeat. I've built a few simple classes to get started: IntervalTimer, ElapsedTimer, and LED. I went on to combine the the two timer classes using multiple inheritance to create LEDBlinker. It seems to work well.

And then it dawned on me: multiple inheritance may not work well on a microcontroller.

Would anyone who's used multiple inheritance care to share their experiences? Am I headed for a whole lot of hurt? Is the generated code particularly slow or large? What evil have I unleashed on the world?

Sorry about that last question. It's late and I'm in desperate need of a good movie.

Thanks, Brian

Multiple inheritance works fine, you will need to remember too include all files in the arduino sketch.

Or use a #include "../Library/Library.h" syntax.