Multiple LED effects, chase, flicker, blink in one sketch


I am trying to move from BASIC stamp controllers to Arduino. I have much to learn due to a very different programming language. I am working on some Mad Scientist laboratory props. Each prop has multiple lighting requirements. I have found sketches that will just flicker, just blink, just chase, but I need to do all at once. As an example, 6 pins for a chase pattern (left to right), 4 pins that blink independently at a random rate (some fast, some slow), 1 pin pulse and 3 pins that flicker in a style that resembles a light bulb that is shorting out. Has anyone seen code or a library that can do something like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Have a look at my Multiblink sketch found in my code repository, link below.

I can definitely make this work, thank you very much.