multiple libraries for L298N motor driver


I have never worked with Arduino before but I do have basic experience working with PIC18 in C.

I have an L298N motor driver, two DC motors and Uno.

I found a couple of libraries for L298N in Arduino IDE as shown below. How do I know which library is better for basic motor operations? How do I compare multiple libraries for the same driver?

If I was working with a compiler which I used in the past, this is how I will proceed.

1: Set a PWM frequency for both motors, say 20 k Hz
2: Adjust the duty cycle for both motors individually in order to change speed

Perhaps, the library below does the same thing but how do I implement it from scratch, and do you think it'd be a good idea to implement it without using a library considering that I'm beginner?

Thank you for the help!

Start by installing one of the libraries and study the example code that comes with it.

If you click on the "More Info" link, it will usually take you to the Library's GitHub. There may be info there.

Also, if you check out the files names and there are no duplicates between them, you can install several of the libraries.