Multiple line in for PAM8403

Good day!

I’m waiting for those from the mail:

I was planning to use the X9c103S as ESP/Arduino controllable potentiometer to mix multiple inputs for the PAM8403. I will connect the audio out of some audio source, to the VH pin and the Line in of the PAM to the VW. My question is, should I connect the VL to ground? And also, should I add anything between the 2 units???

I prefer to ask questions, and get answers, than experiment and burn my audio, in this case. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So any comments? Any one has experimented the 2 kinds of modules together? Maybe it would be better with the X9c104S?

Oh, one more thing, there seam to be a place to put a capacitor at the back, C4, any one has an idea of the required value?

Can the X9c103S handle the current your expecting to pass though it?