Multiple Liquid Level Sensor

Hey all,

(In advance I am EXTREMELY new to arduino and could use any help at all).

I am starting a new project with non-contact liquid level sensors and timers. The goal of the project is to have the arduino start and stop a timer based upon the liquid level in a large syringe.

For more detail, the liquid will start at the 100 mL mark. It will slowly decrease until it reaches the 60mL mark. At this point I would like the non-contact liquid level sensor to send a signal to the arduino and start a timer. Then, once the liquid hits the 30 mL mark, I would like another sensor to be able to turn off that timer and then display the result on an LCD display.

So my question is, what's the best way of going about this project with an arduino? I was considering using an UNO r3 but I am capable of getting any other type that may work better. Also, the non-contact liquid level sensors I had in mind can be seen with the following link:

Thank you in advance to any help at all!

Currently sold out

Where does it say sold out? It allows me to go through with the checkout process.

It is still available in the US.

You need a bit more detail.
What is the liquid? Water, colour? etc.
Is the syringe open with no plunger? Acting as a reservoir?
Have you looked at the product datasheet?
There are other ways to do this.
If the syringe is clear or translucent plastic, or glass, you could try an optical method, just using an infrared emitter and some sort of infrared photodiode.
A syringe driver would make an interesting project.

Thank you very much for the response.

The liquid will be various types of ink. (So the color will also vary but will mostly be darker colors).

The syringe will have no plunger. Instead, the plunging motion will occur by adding air pressure into the syringe.

And yes, the syringe will be a clear plastic.

I think controlling the movement with air pressure is going to be difficult !

And difficult to STOP!

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you could use copper strips at each level connected to capacitive sensors
Arduino capacitive sensor library
I have used the Microchip Curiosity nano to detect water levels in a tank using this technique

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