Multiple Login for Online Web Editor

I run a STEM workshop that uses Arduino software install on several laptops. I would like to move all sketches (from my laptops) to the online Web Editor and allow students to access those sketches online. Is it possible to create a single Web Editor account/profile and allow for all students within the workshop to login into that one account to access those sketches? If so, is it also possible for students to make independent edits to these sketches without affecting others who are logged in?

If either is possible, please advise. Creating multiple accounts for each workshop participant would be too time consuming.


Individual accounts are recommended.

It is possible to use multiple logins but you will face some issues.

First and most important is that changes will be reflected by each student.
The design of CREATE allows you to edit sketches from multiple locations on a central single account.
One user changes a file and it will propagate to the rest of the users !

Multiple user setups have been covered in previous posts so you might want to try reading some of those as they also cover other aspects you might come up against in an EDU environment.
Topics such as security and permissions across an EDU network are a common theme.

Setting up the plugin could be a valuable first lesson in and of itself for students.
Although you need to ensure your network is ready for that aspect.

Usually school IT departments are tasked with the setup. If you are the school IT department you will already have a decent knowledge of networks and ports and other security policies used by your institution.

If you are NOT the IT department you might want to pass the pass along to them and refer them to this forum.
Arduino also has a few people who specialise in the EDU side who may be able to offer you EDU plans.

You may also have to supply other important info such as the common browser being used and the types of hardware being used.

Might I suggest you start be reading the posts at the top of this section of the forum first.