Multiple looping audio tracks being toggled on and off by buttons

I’m a programmer dipping toes in the hardware / engineering field so I don’t know a whole lot here. Some friends and I are starting and Escape Room business, and I want to hide buttons throughout the room. When a button is pressed it will activate a looping track of an instrument that is part of an overall song. (they press button1 and the looping audio track for the bass guitar starts playing, button2 the piano starts playing on top of the bass, etc)

I’m curious what I all need. After doing some research people have suggested using a razPi instead of arduino, but I feel like I can just hack a mixer board and complete or disconnect the circuit for each track.

Other people have said to get an mp3 shield.

Like I said, I don’t know much, but it seems like it would be a relatively easy thing to do, but I just need a guiding hand from the community to advice me on which route to take.

PS. It would also be cool to add a laser light show after all of the audio tracks have been activated and the whole song is playing together, but that may be a bit more complicated than it’s worth (if you disagree and have a simple solution for this, I would love to hear it as well!)