Multiple MLX90621 on the same I2C bus


I am in the process of trying to hook-up multiple MLX90621 IR thermal sensors on the same bus.
I do have a single sensor working with code from the forum and I have built a application
to view the data.

Using an I2C scanner from the forum I see there are 9 I2C addresses. This part does not have any A0.A1,A2 adress select pins to hardwire.

I have looked through the data sheet I could not determine if it was possible, both my MLX90620 and MLX90621 have the same address.

Is my only option to use a multiplexer and disable the SDA line from one part while I access the other
and vice versa?

Any help would be appreciated.

TIME DEC HEX 50 100 200 250 400 500 800 [KHz]

16370 80 0x50 V V V V V V V
16371 81 0x51 V V V V V V V
16373 82 0x52 V V V V V V V
16375 83 0x53 V V V V V V V
16377 84 0x54 V V V V V V V
16378 85 0x55 V V V V V V V
16381 86 0x56 V V V V V V V
16384 87 0x57 V V V V V V V
16394 96 0x60 V V V V V V V

Sorry. The manufacturer doesn’t make the datasheet easy to access. You have to sign up for an account to download it.

In general an I2C device will have a single fixed address, a choice of addresses selected by input pins, or a choice of addresses programmed in a register. The first choice (single fixed address) makes it hard to put more than one on an Arduino. The other two choices make it easier. Get the datasheet and figure out what choices you have.

Is there some update to connect 2 or more MLX90621 to one arduino?

There's only 4 pins on the chip and the addresses aren't changeable. If you want exactly two of these, then use an Arduino with two I2C ports. A Due or Teensy will do it. Don't forget the pullup resistors.

If you want more than two then you need an I2C mux. Adafruit has one. I've never used that product but I've purchased hundreds of items from Adafruit and they all work well.

While you're over there at Adafruit, have a look at the Panasonic Grid-Eye sensor. That seems to do a similar job.