Multiple MuxShield II

So I am trying to automate some calibration verification procedures. I need close to 40 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs. I am not using the Arduino to make the analog measurements, it is nowhere near accurate enough. I already know how to control an Agilent 34410A to use as my measurement device. But I have 20 different signal paths that combine in different ways to make up 19 channels. And then I need 16 more paths to make up 16 channels, in order to do 4 wire resistance measurements.

I think I have worked out that I can do this by tying my Arduino analog/in pins to the DMM, use the "read analog" command to route the path I need (I basically don't care what the Arduino reads, I just want it to route the path). But here are the problems:

  1. There are only three outputs on one Muxshield board, so I need two boards in order to get the four outputs for the 4 wire resistance measurement (And I need to use a diff amp for other measurements, so I need to route a combination of paths to the Diff Amp and then back through to the DMM). Will I be able to route four paths at once, on two separate Muxboards?

  2. I cant remember what I was going to write here..... I will save it for later I guess.

Hi I think you should draw a schematic or some kind of block diagram to help explain what you are trying to do. At the moment it sounds very confusing!