Multiple Network connections with 1 output

I am working on a project with a friend and was wondering if someone thinks that this can be accomplished with an Arduino.

This is for a mobile environment.
I have one device that needs a network connection. I have 2 available connections coming into this device and wanted the Arduino to connect this device to 1 available connection if it sees it attached to specific wireless network. When the Arduino doesn't see that the 1 available connection is attached to the specific wireless network it will use the 2nd connection.

Few more details:
Connection 1 is connected to an AP that connects to a local wireless network
Connection 2 is an "always" connected AP.

I want it to only use the AP on 2 when it doesn't see Connection 1.

If this will work on a Arduino it would need 3 network cards. One for Connection 1 and one for 2. The 3rd one would be the output the provides connection to the device once the Arduino decides what connection to use.

I hope this makes since. If not please ask away.

I hope this makes since.

No. And it doesn’t make sense either (to me anyway).

Try including the real names for the things rather than referring to them as “devices”

A diagram might also be a good idea.