multiple node system with NRF24l01

Hello everyone I have been doing a lot of research on wireless lately and I am a little overwhelmed at all of the information. I believe I have chosen to go with the amplified NRF24L01 units. and then one arduino that has an NRF24L01 and a wifi unit to talk to my phone. I need to send arrays back and fourth to each arduino/NRF Node to master arduino then the phone to control each node arduino. the volume could range from 4 to 40 units being controlled by an android device.


Is the NRF device the right one?
What driver should I use RH_NR24?
where could I get a good Tutorial for this task?
I also need a good read on serial communication?

Thanks in Advance.


Is the NRF device the right one? short range (10m) wiyhout the amp. With amplifier.. - prefered.

What driver should I use RH_NR24? The 'MIRF'-lib works well. Alternative exists (I guess 'any will do')

where could I get a good Tutorial for this task? Examples to be found , forum help

I also need a good read on serial communication? ???

Communication to 40 devices can be done by polling. Each node may have a differnt frequency - the master do send/receive. It may not be very fast, but easy to code.

The RadioHead library (successor to VirtualWire) can help you set up a multi-point mesh network.

  • RHMesh Multi-hop delivery with automatic route discovery and rediscovery.

Thanks Guys, I have started messing around with radiohead a bit and have had miserable results. For a rookie the Pin select is not so obvious. in The getting started example it shows (8,9) but does not explain what they are. I have looked on the radiohead sight and have not yet found the chip select pins yet. I will keep plugging away.

Thanks again.

If you look at the documentation (RadioHead: RH_NRF24 Class Reference) you will see that the first number is the Chip Select pin and the second number is the SPI Slave Select pin. The default SPI driver uses the hardware SPI pins for the other three pins: MOSI, MISO, and SCK.

Thanks John,

I am using the radio head library with some really mixed results. as many people have on this forum. What really perplexes me is when I unplug the client and the server seems to still get an erratic signal. sometimes it is in the 80% success rate. what is this thing picking up. This can really muddy the waters for a guy that is trying to understand his hardware setup.