Multiple Outputs/NeoPixel at once

Hi there,

I'm looking at the library, I noticed that the NeoPixel class uses the Mailbox one, then sends the data to the pin.

My question is, if I have multiple NeoPixel classes open on different ports, how can I update all of them at once to avoid a lag in the display?

I have a 14x156 matrix, I want to use 7 or 14 outputs to drive the 156 pixels strips.

Or maybe I need to rewrite the library in order to work with more outputs?


while you CAN have the same class handle multiple strings i would recommend you hook up all the strings together as a single string and use the matrix object that allows you mapping a 2d surface on top of a linear string.
you can also connect strings in zig zag format (the end of the first string connected to the end of the second and the start of the second connected to the start of the third...) and specify zigzag pattern in matrix class instantiation

I could but I want a high refresh rate, so I need to use many outputs as possible.
Ultimately I want the FPGA to read from the matrix and display it out on many ports.

I'm playing with the strips, I can't get the SK6812 RGBW to work

On RGB or GRB or whatever is works for the color is shifting to the next pixel, weird
When I switch to RGBW, they all turn off
Any idea?

The neopixel library isn't documented