multiple probe temp sensor

I am new the Arduino community, fascinated with the potential capabilities, and a bit overwhelmed.

I am looking to create a multiple probe temperature sensor. The primary use will be to monitor temperatures in a BBQ pit. If the idea works I will probably build about 10 units for myself and friends.

The general requirements are:
4 probes, more is better but not required
working range of 100-600 deg F (+/- 1 degree, 1/2 degree would be preferred but not required)
some type of calibration, esp to get the sensors to match each other
simple display with the probe# and temp, scrolling through the probes
wifi access
preferably with a built in web server to show temps & graphs and an easy way to download the temp logs

Key questions:

  • Has someone already done this? If so, is there a reference design or contact info?
  • It seems like the capabilities are there but I can’t figure out where or how to start (i.e. which arduino system, how to get wifi included, probe interface, etc)
  • Is it possible to do the HW for <$100 (without the probes)?

Thanks so much for your help!!!


If you search the forum for barbeque you should find several threads discussing temperature monitoring and control sketches to guarantee every beefburger is grilled teh same :)

Upper right is the search text box.