Multiple problems

Hi, how are you? I am new to Arduini, I do not know much about re-appearance and I need your help

In the faculty they asked me for several projects with arduin, but I got stuck with 4 and I do not know how to do it, they could help me.

  1. Make a program that prints by serial port, at intervals of 200ms, the
    voltage present on pin A0. After each voltage should be added a jump of
    line to correctly distinguish the measurements.

  2. Make a program that will flash an LED during the initial 10 seconds
    after starting the board (or after a Reset). The flashing speed of the LED may be
    configurable by the amount of light that falls on the LDR resistor

  3. Look at the following code and copy it into the Arduino IDE:
    #define LED 13
    #define PULSADOR 2
    void setup() {
    pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(PULSADOR, INPUT);
    void loop() {
    do { //Parpadea mientras el pulsador esté activado
    digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(LED, LOW);
    } while(digitalRead(PULSADOR) == HIGH);
    Verify, load the program and check its execution. What should the
    program when activating the button? And when you deactivate it? Does it work as it should?
    Which is the reason?

Maybe it's abusing the group but they could help me with these problems, with the code and with the way to connect it in the breadboard

  1. Serial reference.
    using millis().
    analog read()

  2. blink without delay
    arduino ldr

You are on your own for the last bit.

You probably should start here

of course we won't do your homework for you... your teachers expect you to study and learn...

Well, at least the OP admits it's a homework problem and hopefully is looking for guidance rather than a solution.

You say you got stuck with 4, but I don't see a question 4 in your assignment.

Anyway - don't they have lectures or something to help you with this stuff? Study groups?

These are quite basic programs.

Hint: for question 1 you have to know:
(a) What the Arduino voltage is (usually either 5volt or 3.3 volt).
(b) What value range analogRead() returns
(c) How to delay an operation by a number of milliseconds
(d) How to print to the serial console.