Multiple Relays & Arduino

Hi All,

I'm an Arduino beginner and for my first project I'm trying to attach 6 relays to the arduino uno to control 6 smallish motors. I have found a few tutorials for how to wire up one 5V relay but not much for wiring multiple relays. It seems that action_owl was able to do this with an additional 5V supply for the relays. See post:

If anyone could give some suggestions or point me in the direction of a related tutorial, I would be very greatful!

Thanks Mike

No problem just use different pins and replicate the relay circuit for one, like this:-

Wow thats much easier than I was expecting, thanks mike!

So if I want to fire the relays at the same time, (im assuming they would draw to much current) how would I introduce an extra power source to the system. Can you think of any other examples that have introduced extra power that I could unpick?

Follow the link Grumpy_Mike provided. Navigate to the first schematic. Look on the right side of the image. Notice the words "Motor Supply".

Adding an extra power supply is easy, it can be 5v or 12v or any other voltage you want to use. Just remember to join the grounds together.

@mikealude, there are 4 or 8 relays all ready to be driven from Arduino outputs here: (DISCLAIMER: From my shop): [url=[search]=relay&s[title]=Y&s[short_desc]=Y&s[full_desc]=Y&s[sku]=Y&s[match]=all&s[cid]=0][search]=relay&s[title]=Y&s[short_desc]=Y&s[full_desc]=Y&s[sku]=Y&s[match]=all&s[cid]=0[/url]

The 8-relay board is optically isolated and can be located some distance from the Arduino...

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