Multiple SD txt. files not opening simultaneously via SD card module

I am looking to log analog sensor data using the A1,A2,A3 pins. My project requires continuous mapping of data, and hence an SD card shield was necessary. However, I need to log the incoming data into 3 different txt. files, and for that purpose I assumed that opening the 3 files simultaneously might or might not be plausible as indicated here(I am a beginner, so I wasn’t able to comprehend everything, and I am short on resources:)

So for the time being, I worked my way around with opening of the three files in-order. Rather than opening them all at once,writing the data on to each file and then closing them, I did all three tasks in 1) separate functions for all three files and calling them in the loop() function,2)keeping all the stuff in the loop() function itself.The result for method-1 was no file was ever created, and that for method-2 was only the first file was created and the rest,nope. I have attached the code for both the versions. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

My board is arduino uno atmega328. Yes, I have formatted the sd card with FAT32.My wiring is in place, my code is the only possible problem I see.

sketch_dec08a.ino (2.6 KB)

sketch_dec03b.ino (2.44 KB)