Multiple Sensor Values from Raspberry Pi


I need to read multiple sensor data from one single arduino board which is connected to a raspberry pi. We are getting one sensor's data properly, but when we are connecting multiple sensors, we are not sure how to read data from multiple sensors.

Our circuit connection is as below.

We have two sensors connected to a Breadboard, from there we have one set of input to arduino board. This is then connected to a raspberry pi which then sends the sensor value via reading one of its port.
We would like to know how to read the raspberry pi or arduino ports to get both the sensor's reading alternatively.

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Explain us how you are communicating between Raspberry pi and Arduino?
How do you connect Multiple sensors, what all are these sensors?
Post your Arduino sketch

This Python - Arduino demo may give you some ideas.


Our circuit connection is as below.

That is a totally inadequate explanation. Please post a diagram showing HOW these things are "connected". There is an almost infinite number of ways to do this and so an infinite number of ways of getting it wrong.