Multiple serial communication channels

Hi! In my project I need to transmit some sensor data from one Arduino UNO board to another. I would like to use the serial protocol but I don't want to use the TX and RX pins because I still need the serial monitor. The question is can I transmit serial data thru another 2 pins while having acces to the serial monitor?

you can try with SoftwareSerial

have you looked into software serial?

have you looked into a boards with multiple serial ports?

Software Serial might be the answer. Thanks you all for the suggestion!

SoftwareSerial has its limitations - it's limited to around 19200 or 38400 baud from memory. What distance separates the 2 UNOs? Could you use SPI, which is a slightly different type of serial comms but would utilise the built-in hardware of the 328P on the UNO.

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