multiple servo control robot arm

i have designed a 12dof robotic arm with 1dof fingers (total 5),
pitch yaw and roll for wrist(3dof ),
elbow(1 dof)
sholder (3 dof)

as iam beginner for programming i need some help
i want use some use some buttons for making my arm to move in different sequences
1 button for controlling using data glove (manual control)
(2 -9 ) button for different sequences of motion with different speeds
i am using arduino mega board using 12 analog sensors for manual control

like button 2
servo positions (20,30,20,40,50,120,58,45,78,45,180,90)
delay (20ms )
button 3
servo positions (x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,)
delay (30 ms)
..the above code is not in correct format

plz help me out with this issue

You need to make a start. Do you know how to write a sketch to read the buttons? Or read the analogue sensors? Do you know how make one servo move to the position you want? If the answers to those questions is no, then put this project aside, and look at the example sketches provided in the IDE, which cover all those subjects.

ya i know those methods but i feel some trouble using delays with servo motors i even tried moving all fingers with 5 analogue sensors .it worked fine ,,but now i want it to move according to the code ..

for example if i press a button my robotic hand should perform a particular function ie placing a object from one place to another (predetermined positions)
similarly each button for different motions

If I were doing it, I would create a separate function for each set of movements you wanted to make, for example moveToLeftSide(), or moveToPositionOne(), or whatever was appropriate. I would have arrays that defined the required servo positions for each target position. It may need more than one set of movements to move the arm from one defined position to the next, or you may want to have a 'middle' position, so that all movement goes from 'start' position, to 'middle' position, then to 'end' position.

can u post the sample program for it ..i will try to expand it out

No. You give it a try. Start simple. We'll help once you post something.