Multiple servos- pin interference

I have a little robotics project (a 3-wheeled car with some servos) that has 4 main parts main parts. For simplicity's sake, I have 1 motor driver (with 2 DC motors attached)and two servos (call them servo1 and servo2). They are controlled using a BLE module with a bluetooth serial connection to my computer. The issue that I'm having is that when I move one of the servos, the other elements of the robot experience movement that they should not according to the code.

An example, when giving the arduino the command to move servo1 from 0 degrees to 90 degrees, servo1 will work properly, but servo2 will also move from its position, momentarily to another, then correct itself.

Another example, when both wheels are moving forward and servo2 receives the command to move from 0 degrees to 20 degrees and back to 0, it executes this properly, but one of the wheels will momentarily stop, causing the car to turn.

Can anyone help troubleshoot this problem? Thanks!

I'm pretty sure the problem is either with the particular components, the way things are connected, the code that you're using or the power supply.

With no detailed information about any of those my first guess is that whatever is powering this thing is insufficient, maybe too small a battery or you're trying to power everything through the Arduino 5V pin.