Multiple Simultaneous Bluetooth communications, Arduino + HC05 Master

Dear Beloved Arduino community,

I am in a need of help to do the following: I want to create multiple bluetooth connections with the HC05 bluetooth chip (based on the shield ITEAD V2.2: I have many arduinos with this shield, and I was able to set up a single master<->slave communication at a time, where the master is always the arduino, and the slave varies from other arduinos to my Macbook Pro and my android Phone. In these communications, I was able to send messages and receive them in both the master and slaves, through SPP profile, and even communicate with a Lego Mindstorm (I did that with my PC, but the idea is to use the arduino).

NOW.... I am killing myself to figure out HOW TO escalate this to simultaneous communications, without having to disconnect existent links. This is what I found so far:
1º - Theoretically, every master bluetooth compliant device has to be able to support up to at least 7 multiple connections
2º - Apparently, this HC05 module was created to emulate Point-to-Point communications through bluetooth ONLY. If this is the case, it cannot be Bluetooth compliant, because it can behave as Master and not only as slave.
3º - By studying Bluetooth Programming theory in this outlet released from MIT (, it says that in the RFCOMM mode the master has the ability to have up to 30 channels or Ports, that are used in the frequency hopping (the ability to commute between active connections). It also mentions the use of Bluetooth Sockets.

Having this 3rd point as base, I need a way to either manually choose a channel for each connection (by sending an AT command that doesn't seem to exist), or a way to create a socket that allows me to handle several connections (a bit like TCP/IP). I have searched for existent libraries, or other ways to do this, but I could use some hardcore enlightenment :slight_smile: