Multiple SPI devices including color screen and SD module

Hi all,

I've looked at videos and articles, but I'm still not exactly sure how I could go about doing this. I was thinking about getting a 128x128 TFT screen like this:

I also have an SD card module that uses SPI, so how could I still use both of these devices to display weather information from my station while still logging data? Thanks.

Each slave device has a separate Slave Select pin. For example the Ethernet Shield has both and Ethernet chip and an SD card slot. The Ethernet chip uses Pin 10 for Slave Select and the SD card slot uses Pin 4 for Slave Select. You can have as many SPI devices as you have spare I/O pins.

So essentially, if I’m using a Mega, plug up 50-53 basically like normal for the SD module, and then plug up any other pins that color screen?

The reference manual for the SPI library covers connections: