Multiple SPI devices w/ LED strands that don't have slave select?

It seems like most SPI LED strands don't have a slave select (examples: WS2801, P9813).

Is it possible to use multiple SPI peripherals with these products on a controller that supports multiple SPI peripherals such as the Due?

You can use a logic gate, simple AND gate such as 74HC08, to fake a chip select.
Connect SCK to one input, and a High CS signal to the other for the string you want to access. Output follows SCK when CS is high, and is low otherwise.

Great idea! Thanks!

You can also attach WS2811/12 leds to other pins ... you just need a bit pump to pump out the data along those pins at the right rate. I have an assembler routine that does this that you can have. You just need to fill the buffer with WS2811 data and then call the pump to pump it out at the right speed.

I have driven up to 19 x 50 ws2811 led strings from a single arduino mega using 19 output pins. In this case the pattern is stored on an SD card on the arduino.

If instead you want to drive the LEDs using something like vixen or xlights then you can attach an arduino ethernet shield and do that but with the overhead of ethernet I have only managed 8 strings of LEDs then.

keithsw1111 - thanks for the suggestions. I don't want to change the existing arrangement that much though. Using a couple AND gates is pretty simple.