Multiple SPI devices?


I'm wanting to make a network of devices, one will have ethernet and wireless on it and the rest just wireless

problem I have is that the ethernet (WIZ810MJ) is SPI the wireless (nRF24L01) is also SPI.

so does that mean I cannot have this combination? or are there work arounds?

If there are alternative modules that take care of error correction and support addressing specific devices I'm open to alternatives.

is SPI capable of dealing with multiple devices, and if so, where's the cheapest place to get them from the UK?

  • Anthony

One SPI bus is perfectly capable of talking to multiple devices. You just need separate chip selects for each device.


Besides using the same bus (with the use of one different Select-pin as Commanda suggested), it may also be possible to create a software driven SPI-bus using the and commands. It's a lot slower, but if it is still fast enough you could use any set of 4 pins for software SPI.