Multiple SPIs to arduino uno

So I recently purchased a few adafruit products; the precision RTC, PT100 amplifier, and the SD card reader. Each component works fine on their own with their respective code.

What my goal is to timestamp my temperature readings onto the sd card but i have no idea where to start when merging the code. When i combine the temp and real time clock in the same code, the clock prints correctly but the temperature shows a zero output.

I don't really know where to begin, I don't even know which questions to ask. I've been looking at the software serial option but not sure how it applies to what im trying to do.

Any information would be appreciated. I'm more of a process engineer, this electrical/computer stuff is a whole new language to me.

Well, do you know which pins each uses as the CS select?

Links to the products would help! The precision RTC of adafruit is an I2C device not an SPI. Do you have another board or just wired it to the wrong pins?

None of the boards you mention is an Arduino shield so you must have connected the CS lines to some pin on the Arduino. You didn’t mention which pins you used.

Post your complete code (even if not finished yet)! And please use code tags (that’s the “</>” button in the editor)!