Multiple stepper motor control with one Arduino


I have 16 stepper and i need to control those motors with the same arduino uno and the direction , speed are different for each motor , so is there a way to convert the driver input (Pul,Dir) to canbus or i2c protocol to connect the 16 driver with each other with any communication protocol.

my driver HBS86H HTNC

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Can you please supply an actual link the driver you have? Just the letters you supplied give no usable information using Google.

I searched for just "HBS86H" and found this Hybrid Stepper Servo Drive Manual. Is this your driver?

If you want to independently control 16 steppers you will need at least 32 outputs. Uno has 20, at most. A Mega has enough outputs. Or use something like MCP32017 or MCP23S17 I2C or SPI expanders.

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