Multiple Stepper Motors with a Jockstick!

Hello Everyone!
I'm working on a robotic arm. I'm using bi polar stepper motors and i want to control them using jocksticks. I already have the drivers for the motors the only thing is that i dont really know how to set them up to control them with jockstick. Im using 1 stepper motor to rotate the whole robotic arm, 1 to move the arm up and down and another for the "claw". Can anyone help me with this. It would mean a lot. Thank you!

You have used the word “jockstick” a few times. Are you sure you don’t mean “joystick”?

if you really do mean “jockstick” please post a link to its datasheet.

The problem you describe is really two separate things joined together. First is the business of getting data from the j**stick. Write a short program to do that and display the values on the serial monitor.

The second part is code to make the stepper motors work. Have a look at the examples that come with the AccelStepper library or this Simple Stepper Code

Post a link to the datasheet for your stepper motors and tell us what stepper motor drivers you are using.

Stepper Motor Basics