multiple strips ws2812 Arduino mega and Vixen software

Hello. I am trying to figure out the sketch or code for making multiple strips with the use of Vixen software. I have 8 strips, 50 leds per strip, total of 400 leds. I have downloaded the fastled library and run the sample sketch "multi array, and other sample sketch under multiple to test all my leds work at the same time, and they work fine. I already spent weeks researching, editing sketch trying my luck but no luck. I honeslty dont know about codes or sketch.

What has this got to do with an Arduino?

Is your PC wired to one? What software is running on the Arduino?

Vixen3 is a software where you controll the lights and music and it send signal through serial output to arduino using the right code or sketch. And i dont know nothing about sketch. I know how to test my led strips using the library sample sketch, but to get it to work with Vixen software i dont.

And the Vixen author appeared not to know either. I had a look at the site and it looks like software written by some one who is very good at software but is absolute crap at explaining what he has created.

I suggest you ask on their forum.