Multiple switching to multiple servo driver chips (via enable signal) using UNO

Please excuse my ignorance as I am keen to learn what I can and am struggling with code results.

Basically the idea is to take the Enable signal from my Rumba board which has one Z axis chip, link it through UNO Pin 2 and output it to three separate driver chips such that I would have 3 Z axis motors homing independently.

I have linked three limit switches to this as well as linking my LEDPIN 13 to activate each time any limit switch activates.

The code works for each servo and limit switch group, however if I have all servos operating then any limit switch activated pulls ALL servo Enables to LOW, they do not operate individually.

It would appear that I need to separate each servo / limit switch IF statments in some fashion to separate the resulting output.

Any guidance appreciated, this is my first sketch. I have researched all I can to understand further however now at a wall.
Thanks to all for assistance.

Z_Axis.ino (2.47 KB)

Why are you reading the limit switch pins twice and why use the pin numbers when you have given the pins names ?

Why the superfluous curly braces round blocks of code ?